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News from the Bush - May 2009

Hi Everyone

Thought I would give you a little of our news from this exciting part of the world. April was a fantastic month, and a big thank you to all the operators that continue to support us. We had a lot of fun with our guests, and many of those that have never been in the bush were totally blown away.

Up at Bukela we had the whole herd of elephant arrive while most of my Irish group was in and relaxing at the pool side. While they lay back and watched, the elephant chomped on trees near by and casually sauntered around watching the guests do what you do whilst on holiday.

Later that afternoon we had 3 guests arrive to join up with their friends, and they thought it was the most awesome thing that they could not get to their rooms because there were two young elephant bulls having high tea outside their room. They were more than happy to borrow a jacket or two from their friends to go on the afternoon game drive. We finally managed to get the guests' luggage into their rooms later that evening, and at least when they arrived back from the drive we were able to show them to a nice warm room for a bubble bath.

The next day during brunch the elephants were back - this time having a heyday at the waterhole in front of our lapa. We were able to take the guests pretty close, and they all crouched in awe of the beautiful creatures, blissfully playing with their young and splashing each other with the cool water.

On the reserve front, our gorgeous Cheetah cubs have grown up a lot and are looking so funny! They are all hairy and kind of look like an ant bear from afar. Damara, the proud Mum, has done a great job in hiding them away from us, until she was ready for us to all take a peep. And I tell you being on a vehicle with these little babes in front of us, is like being with a vehicle of paparazzi. The cameras are clicking and whirring madly to get shots: they are just too cute not to get carried away. Damara is very happy for us to look at a safe distance, and we have put a rule in place that nobody gets closer than 75m, so that the cubs can get used to the vehicle and not be frightened away. She totally poses for the camera, as you will see from the shots I uploaded.

The two young male sub-adults are enjoying life out on their own, and are looking very healthy. So we have no worries that they will be totally fine.

Great news too with the white rhino: they have been seen mating, so we can hopefully look forward to new arrivals early next year! The youngest of our baby white rhinos is also looking too gorgeous: he looks like he is wearing pajamas that are too big for him… We’ve seen some very interesting interaction between the black &white rhino, too, playing with each other and with the buffalo. They seem to live in harmony with everyone, and are totally happy with life. They have no worries that we get quite close and sit for ages watching their interactions.

Along with all these wonders, there are loads of baby Zebras around, and I just love them. Imagine a child’s rocking horse with a long soft furry mane, and sooo small. They are truly beautiful.

The hungry baby birds above my office door have finally flown the coop and I'm rather chuffed I must say. That Mum really had her work cut out for her, as they were always chirping at the top of their voices for more food. I did see her many times bring home fat worms or something just as delicious for them, but it never seemed to fill them up or keep them quiet for long. So our babes have flown the nest and are fending for themselves. Good job mama starling!

Hlosi continues to be a place of abundance and it is never quiet for long. The elephant herd have also taken a liking to the swimming pool, and it is amazing to see them all at once gather around for a drink. Even the babies squash in for a bit of the action!

Our black rhino also still love to hang about the lodges and watch what these strange guests get up to, and peacefully eat around the lodge, very relaxed with the world. It’s quite something to show a first time visitor. Our kids are beside themselves to see them so close.

Our kids packages have also been a great hit, and the kids love to spend time with our Rangers looking for bugs, or inspecting different animal skulls and bones. Their very own homemade pizza is also a huge hit.

Naturally Milo our little Meerkat soaks up all the attention - from one loving clutch to the next. It is such a fun thing to take the kids out to find Milo some bugs. We move logs verrrrry carefully in case of anything we don't want to see and hope there will be lovely juicy worms or caterpillars or something underneath. And when there is, he leaps in with such excitement for the meal ahead. He is too cute and you can't help but love him. My favourite view of him is to see him standing on the edge of the outside deck facing the sunset showing off his lovely silhouette - as if checking for any danger lurking, or simply enjoying the view - as we all are.

After all the testing our buffalos went through (from my last news letter) we are very proud to announce that our boys are very healthy and TB free. So we can now start searching for some beautiful Gals to join the herd. Watch this space!

Aside from the game, our four twin suites at Hlosi are being refurbished as I write, and look so rich and handsome with their new coat of paint. Along with our beautiful Family suites, we really have stunning accommodation. I feel very proud to take our guests to their rooms and show them around.

We have also just received our 5 star grading renewal at both lodges, so we know we are doing a good job and we are on the right road for success.

So until next time, keep sending us those great people so we can share this all with them.

Enjoy the pictures!

Bye for now


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