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The Lion Roars Foundation is privileged to give support to a wide range of local social development and conservation efforts.

The Foundation was created by Lion Roars’ shareholders so they could support causes such as conservation and community development. Most of the funding comes from the shareholders themselves as a means of giving back to initiatives that they feel strongly about. This is driven by a desire to invest in efforts that are trying to turn the clock back 150 years to reverse the negative effect of humans on conservation in Southern Africa’s wild areas.


To learn more about Amakhala's Conservation Fund , visit their website. 



Lion Roars Foundation is vetted and approved by The Wild Foundation for funding out of the States.

ARCC – African Rhino Conservation Centre

Lion Roars Foundation helped create ARCC which is to create awareness of Rhino Poaching as well as developing strategies around community awareness.

  • ARCC works with a number of communities and schools to bring kids to the reserve to instil a love of conservation from an early age to promote conservation and not poaching.
  • ARCC also received funding for 16 procedures to tag rhino with GPS tracker.
  • One of ARCC co-founders is William Fowles who is a world-renowned wildlife veterinarian and esteemed conservationist.
  • One of ARCC community initiatives is to purchase vegetables grown by local communities and then sell them to game lodges for additional income to sustain the projects.


Lion Roars Foundation helped fund the building of the anti-poaching village. This village houses the APU team and run a 24 hour surveillance and response team for Rhino as well as the protection of the reserve as a whole. The Foundation has provided traps for the neighbouring farming communities to catch predators and release on the AGR rather than shooting them.


Lion Roars Foundation sponsored the Eye in the Sky Gyrocopter for Arial surveillance as well as K9 monitoring on the ground. The successful program has not only protected our rhinos but also made Amakhala Reserve a safe, wild sanctuary for rhinos.

Research & Monitoring

Lion Roars Foundation has provided monitoring collars for the cheetah and leopard program. We have some of the purest genes of cheetah as well as the first captive-born cheetah, rewilded on the Amakhala Game Reserve. Ivory has settled in well and has since fathered two wild cheetah cubs, ensuring the bloodline of this critically endangered species. The Foundation also has a buffalo breeding program. Buffalo are susceptible to diseases like TB and we breed disease free buffalo in the Eastern Cape to sustain the species.


The Foundation:

  • Funded bead work to be done in local community to create Rhino bracelets to be sold for Rhino Awareness.
  • Supports an orphanage in the local community.
  • Gives a yearly bursary to allow for a local community member to be trained as a ranger at the Ulevani Ranger Training Centre. We want to expand on this to create more training and bursary opportunities in the group.
  • Has provided feed and a number of bore holes to prevent substantial losses of life during this lengthy drought we have been experiencing in the eastern cape.
  • Provided our local village on the reserve with electricity, water, transport and security.
  • Built the Eluweni Community Centre which will be used for future community focused initiatives and conservation awareness.
  • Supports over 200 families in the group a number that is doubling in size from August/September 2020.

Food Parcels

June/July 2020

As we are all aware, COVID-19 hit the hospitality industry harder than most. With many of the Lion Roars Pride facing COVID-19 challenges in the form of delays from the subsidised governments TERS payments, we faced an extreme challenge: we could not let our staff go hungry.

The Lion Roars Foundation worked in partnership with the Solidarity Fund to put together 100 food parcels for distribution to be delivered to our neediest staff members on Amakhala Game Reserve, in Plettenberg Bay and in Port Elizabeth. 

Each household received a parcel which includes all sorts of non-perishable staples: rice, soup, salt, sugar, tea, beans, canned fish, maize meal, oil, peanut butter, jam and more. 

Food Parcels

Future Goals:

  • The Foundation would like to expand on our bursary and training initiatives. 
  • Technology to grow effective APU.
  • Long term Amakhala Game Reserve growth to an ecosystem that can support on wild dogs.

For further details on our fundraising events, or on the activities of the Foundation in general, please contact our Chief Lion and CEO,Kevin Bailey at

For a copy of the Lion Roars Foundation Constitution, please click here or visit our website on

Banking Details for donations are as follows:

The Lion Roars Foundation
Bank: First National Bank
Account: 62269231165
Branch: Walmer
Branch code: 211217

As part of our commitment to our social responsibility vision, we also partner with established local development organisations. These include Umzi Wethu Academy, a not-for-profit social intervention programme, and the Amakhala Foundation Trust.     

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