Apartment 303

Apartment 303 is where comfort and style harmonise in every detail. This 3-bedroom haven features a sizeable layout adorned in soothing shades of blues, greens, and beige, evoking a sense of tranquillity throughout. The heart of this apartment is the expansive kitchen, complete with a large island perfect for culinary creations and a dining room table ready for shared meals and gatherings. In the lounge, a captivating floral wall painting adds a touch of charm and personality to the space. Wood finishings accentuate the natural aesthetic, while crisp white bathrooms provide a refreshing retreat. With ample storage space to keep belongings neatly organised, Apartment 303 offers a perfect blend of functionality and elegance for your coastal retreat.

**Kindly be informed that all apartments are self-catering, and housekeeping services are not provided. Should you require cleaning during your stay, please reserve the service at reception at least 24 hours in advance.
** Your rate includes parking, and you'll have a designated parking spot in the hotel's basement.

To book a stay in one of our apartments, simply contact our reservations team:

Email: reservations@lionroars.com
Phone: 021 424 1530

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