Lion Roars Foundation; Coastal & Marine Sustainability Project

As World Environment Day is draws closer, we though we'd share some of the green/sustainability initiatives that we drive. World Environment Day is celebrated is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, and is the United Nation's principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. We, at Lion Roars Hotels & Lodges, hold conservation and sustainable tourism very close to our hearts and such initiatives are central to all our operations. We have therefore, established the Lion Roars Foundation which  strives to uphold our commitment to our social responsibility vision, we also partner with established local development organisations.

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Coastal & Marine Sustainability Project

Lion Roars Foundation is actively pursuing a Coastal Conservation and Community Program involving beach cleaning and monitoring of pollution levels on the Eastern Coast of South Africa.

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A number of our lodges are located in close proximity of  coastal and beaches, and it is imperative that  such coastal systems are maintained and conserved. The Lion Roars Foundation is also proud to be the founder trustee of the Seahorse Africa Foundation. The Seahorse Africa Foundation aims to build partnerships to monitor and protect South Africa's' estuary and the marine environment through the implementation of a scientifically sound, community-based management plan. The iconic species we represent is the endangered Knysna Seahorse. The project will also provide scientific monitoring of the rivers in the Plett basin through the introduction of Hach Sonde meters - providing ongoing consistent and accurate measurement and recording of flow, physical data and chemical analysis. The Seahorse foundation will, therefore, be providing a “watchdog" service to the community.

Celebrate World Environment day with us this year. Take part in any green initiative where you are. It can be anything as simple as a beach clean up. The impact is profound; raising awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Happy World Environment Day 2019!