Lion Roars website relaunch: a fresh new look for summer

Lion Roars Web

This year, we've been blown away in Cape Town (thankfully not by the wind this time!): the World Design Capital for 2014 sparked innovation, creativity and a new look at simple and smart technology. Here in our Lion Roars Cape Town office, 2014 proved to be a great year to splash out on relaunching our website, with all the inspiration we had around us.  

"We’re really excited about the new design and feel as it takes Lion Roars into the next chapter online" said Jules Bailey, who heads the Lion Roars Online team in Cape Town. The new design includes the following features:

New look and feel: The new site has some great new cutting edge visual elements: simple, elegant and slick design with updated fonts and graphics.

Responsive design: the whole site is now responsive. We were “mobile friendly” before, so the site would shrink to be visible on the device screen. Now, we've completely optimized the site to be fully responsive according to the device you choose to use. The site looks particularly good on tablet.

Simplified navigation

Improved search functionality to allow for the increased number of hotels now listed on the site. On the new sites, browsers can search for hotels by Location (e.g. Cape Town/ Wellington/ Stellenbosch/ Port Elizabeth, etc.) or Route (e.g. Cape Winelands/ Garden Route/ Route 62, etc.) or Experience (e.g. honeymoon/ family friendly/ beach/ golf, etc.) or by Map. The Map search is fully interactive.

Lion Roars Search Funtionality

Lodge pages: Aside from a groovy new look, the new Lodge pages have great new functionality: dollar, euro and pound prices are displayed top right based on today’s exchange rate; amenities and highlights are displayed very neatly.

Lion Roars Lodge Page

Integrated exchange rate pricing per Lodge and Tour – your lodge page now includes a “from” price which is quoted in Rand, Dollar, Euro and Pounds on your lodge page. All Tours prices display the same way.

Tour search – when you search on a route (e.g. Stay >Routes>Garden Route), lodges on that route display as well as Tours relevant to that route. We’re really excited about the improved sales functionality for tours.

Social links: These have been moved up to the top of the LR site, and on each lodge been added to the banner, as we are now in a strong enough social media position to advertise these links.

Integrated social media links to your social media profiles are now integrated into the top banner for all lodges with active social media profiles. 

Let us know what you think about the new website and what your experience has been so far.